BRDO Proposal Services

We work directly with Principal Investigators (PIs) and their proposal teams. We provide a range of services, from high-level strategic consulting and feedback on specific approaches, to more comprehensive support, depending on the nature and requirements of the individual proposal. Specific services to be provided by BRDO are determined with the PI in advance on a case-by-case basis. These may include:

Conceptual Advice

  • Fit of the proposed project to the solicitation and prospective funder
  • Solicitation requirements and options for addressing them
  • Funder's mission and general and specific proposal review criteria
  • Overall responsiveness of the proposed approach
  • Best practices for non-scientific technical sections including plans for management, training, data sharing, evaluation, broader impacts, education and outreach
  • Background resources, tools, and insights from previously funded proposals

Process Coordination

  • Task divisions and timelines
  • Team efforts and collaborations
  • Meeting, file sharing, and communications
  • Balancing sequential vs. simultaneous proposal development activities
  • Approaches to interfacing with BRS/RA, SPO, and partner institutions

Document Writing and Editing 

  • Structuring a proposal outline as a writing guide
  • Suggestions to increase the power and clarity of the presentation
  • Ensuring consistency across multiple sections and authors
  • Content assistance with technical, non-scientific proposal elements
  • Assistance with other components as needed (e.g., biosketches, references)
  • Editing and formatting for clarity, cohesiveness, and overall effect
  • Condensing text and eliminating redundancies

Document Review

  • Comments on the focus, organization, and development of preliminary drafts
  • Clarity of significance, innovation, and potential impact of proposed work
  • Compliance with review criteria, funder mission and guidelines, and past reviewer comments (if available)
  • Effectiveness and impact of near-final drafts
  • Common submission issues to be addressed prior to SPO review
  • Proofreading of final version

Support for Site Visits and Reviews

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about what to expect.

For other types of support for proposals and grants on campus, see the Grant Life Cycle page.

Email us at to see whether BRDO can help with your current project and to inquire about additional services you would like us to consider offering in the future.

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