About BRDO

The Berkeley Research Development Office (BRDO) provides a range of services focused on bringing more research funding to campus while decreasing faculty burden in applying for it.

Toward these goals, our services encompass several broad categories of support:

  • We help faculty find relevant funding opportunities for their research.
  • We work directly with faculty and teams to support effective proposal development.
  • We develop and curate a collection of written guides and tips related to proposal writing.
  • We provide periodic proposal-related training for faculty and postdoctoral researchers.
  • We work with other offices and institutions to overcome problems that may arise during the proposal process.

Our services are free and available to all UC Berkeley faculty.

In addition to information about specific BRDO services, this website contains many user-friendly materials that can be accessed independently to help guide your proposal development and writing process.  We encourage you to browse our pages and to familiarize yourself with our offerings.